Since our establishment in 1952, Igarashi Electric Works, Ltd. has dedicated itself to the development, manufacture and sale of products specially designed to meet the needs of our customers. To maintain full satisfaction, we have grown and established new manufacturing and sales organizations in USA, Germany, China, India, and Hong Kong, as well as maintaining our continued presence in Japan. Through several growth opportunities, we are also proud to announce that a new technical center has been completed in Japan to continue to improve service and a more timely response to our customers. We remain faithful to our company policy that the customer is always our first consideration and will continue to follow this policy by uniting our efforts. With your continued support and guidance, we will move Igarashi Electric Works Ltd. into next 50 years of supplying quality products.

Kazuhara Igarashi
Kazuhara Igarashi
Company Policy
Making ourselves faithful to the principle that the customer is the first consideration with us, with reliable technology,
products and service, and exerting ourselves for improvement of social life, we carry on creating a fertile future for the human and earth.
Guides to Action
  • We devote ourselves to being customer-oriented
  • We act with a world-wide view of things
  • We persue originality and innovation
  • We aim at a fertile life

Igarashi Motor Sales has been providing quality DC motors and gearmotors to customers for over 50 years.
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