This page is dedicated to answering many of the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ’s) concerning Igarashi’s production capabilities, inventories, and deliveries. Please note that many of the below questions may be specific to services offered by Igarashi Motor Sales USA, LLC.
Please contact the sales office closest to you for any specific questions that you wish them to address.
Q: Can I get a replacement motor/gearmotor for my product?

A. Igarashi manufactures custom built components for our customers and does not stock any finished good for replacement units. Please contact the manufacture of the apparatus/appliance directly for service parts.
Q. I’m developing a new product, can I get a sample for testing?

A. Yes, samples are typically made available for a customer’s evaluation and approval prior to accepting a production order.

Q. What is the cost of a sample(s)?

A. Many samples are available free of charge however they are evaluated on an individual basis.

Q. Does Igarashi accept Credit/Debit Cards?

A. NO, new customers must go though credit approvals or pre-pay all sample charges via a company check, money order or wire transfer.

Q. What is the lead-time for samples?

A. Sample lead-time varies depending on the level of customization, however most samples can be delivered within 4-6 weeks ARO.
Q. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

A. Due to the custom nature of our products, the minimum order quantity is generally 2500 pieces for gearmotors and 5000 pieces for motors.

Q. Can I get multiple releases on my order?

A. Many larger orders can be evaluated and scheduled accordingly, however most MOQ orders must be taken in a single shipment.

Q. What is the lead-time for a production order?

A. The lead-time does vary depending on the complexity of the motor or if it is it a new order vs. repeat order. Typical lead-times are 20 weeks ARO via SEA transportation from the factory or origin.

Q. Does Igarashi USA offer warehousing or Kanban services.

A. Yes, however these are evaluated and offered on an individual basis.
Q. I am not certain how to size a motor for my application. Are there Application Engineers available for me to talk to?

A. Yes. Please submit the inquiry form or contact the local sales office nearest you for support.