Since our establishment in 1952, we have dedicated ourselves to the development, production, and sales of the motors.

There are many uses of motors: as in automobiles, O/A machines, household appliances, medical equipment, and
vending machines to just name a few. Motors have become an indispensable part of our society such that motors
strongly effect the global ecosystem, the single most important issue to mankind.

Through motor manufacturing, we actively promote the conservation of the environment and teach
future generations the importance of coexistence with earth's environment.
  • By understanding the effect of our business activities on the environment, to firmly set environmental objectives and goals to improve upon the environmentally influential factors on a continuous basis.
  • By complying with the relevant legal legislation and other requirements to the environment, we strive for the conservation of the environment.
  • By minimizing energy usage, waste products, and recycling, we efficiently use limited resource and energy.
  • By reducing the amount of stored chemicals and controlling the storage, we prevent the risk of environmental pollution.
  • To aggressively develop and deliver products that are environmentally friendly and are easily reusable.
  • This environmental policy shall be informed to all of our employees and made public.
January 1, 2001
Kazuhara Igarashi
President, Igarashi Electric Works Ltd.
Company Activities
IGARASHI is working on "4R" Activities for Paper, Waste and Energy.(4R: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)
EU ELV and RoHS Directives
Each IGARASHI division (mainly in Development & Engineering, Sales and Purchasing) is continually working to maintain and certify compliance with the Directives.
Control of Chemical Substances Used in Products
IGARASHI has developed its own Environmental Loading Substances Survey Sheets as per IMDS (Global Automotive Standard Data Base) and JGPSSI guideline (Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative <for electrical & electronics makers>), and is now making an active database from suppliers' Chemical Substances information.
Basing on the database, IGARASHI is proceeding with designing new products, changing designs and making samples in comforming
to ELV and RoHS directives.
Green Procurement
IGARASHI purchases Environmentally-Friendly products, fixtures and equipment to implement Green Procurement in order to make products which comply with various Environmental directives and regulations.