We are now enjoying modern life through numerous leading-edge devices, equipment and appliances. These are enabled by the innovative advancements of modern technologies that include electronics backed by the amazing progress in the semiconductor area.

We, however, should not overlook the existence of small DC motors supporting innovative function improvement. In fact, it is difficult to look for products around you with no motor inside.

Igarashi has been dedicated to manufacturing DC motors and gearmotors for over 5 decades since its foundation in 1952. These are well accepted and used worldwide in the automotive area, OA equipment, home appliance, power tool and industrial appliances.
Igarashi offers a wide variety of motors in different sizes and shapes. You can select your small and high performance motor from flat type, round type or geared motors.

Please note that the motors listed in this website are only a small representative sample of the motors available.

We are willing to develop or modify motors according to customers specific requirements;
we are ready to provide motors withaccessories such as filter networks, encoders,wire harnesses... Please contact your nearby office.


Contract manufacturing of motors or complete assemblies by customers own designs are also welcomed.
Please contact your nearby office.
Igarashi is producing environment-friendly motors in accordance with the latest directives such as EC RoHS/ELV to help ensure that Igarashi and our customers can contribute to the environment conservation of the Earth. For more details, please refer to our environment page.