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  1. Maximum size (mm)  (diameter x length)    x 
  2. Corresponding IGARASHI model number
   3. Power Source
   4. Nominal operating voltage  volts 
  5. No load     

speed (rpm)    


current (A)    

  6. Load     
speed (rpm)    
torque (mNm)    
output (W)    
max. current (A)    
kind of load    
  7. Shaft     
length (mm)    
diameter (mm)    
   8. Shaft protrusion 
   9. Rotation (looking at output shaft) 
  10. Operating position 
shaft (only if vertical)    
  11. Motor mounting (threads in front essential) 
  12. Thrust (N) (axial/radial) 
  13. Gearing requirement   
  14. Will motor (gearbox) be stalled under full
         operating voltage?
  15. Operation 
If cycle on-off
on time   
off time   
  16. Operating life (hours-real running time)
  17. Environmental conditions (temp, wet/dry, etc.)
  18. Running noise requirements (dB) @ # feet 
  19. EMC requirements 

20. Production requirement (pieces) 

For minimum order quantity please see the FAQ page regarding production

  21. Target Price     (required)
  22. Application (detailed description)   
  23. Notes, other special requirements, comments.